I provide a wide variety of services for laptops, desktops and mobile phones. If you need something done it's likely I can help.

Setup and Installation

Do you have a new device or application you need set up? Even with instructions it's often confusing to follow them if you're not tech-savvy, and it's even harder to verify that the product is configured properly.

I am able to set up or assist you to set up a new device or application. This includes installation, configuration and verification that the configuration is indeed what you want and need.

Repair and maintenance

Applications can stop working or lock you out. Devices can become slow and noisy after a few years of use. Viruses and malware can infect your machine and make life harder. Sometimes they just stop working altogether, losing your precious data.

I can troubleshoot and diagnose what's causing your machine's problems. Once the problem is identified, I can fix it or suggest workarounds if that's not possible. In the case of a complete failure, I may be able to recover data from your machine.


There's often a lot of life-improving customizations for your device. These can range from browser add-ons to hardware upgrades. Most often they heavily improve performance or security. Unfortunately the customizations that give the best results often require a skilled background in computers.

I can bridge that gap and customize your device for you. I will make sure to take account of your existing setup, explain any tradeoffs required by the customizations you want, and ensure that you are left with a working, customized system.

Linux and open source

Often it's hard to get support (if any) for devices running the Linux operating system or for open source applications.

I'm happy to say that I provide support for these tools. By the nature of being open source, these tools allow me to offer services faster with much more flexibility and success.


To order services contact me using my contact details. Depending on the service I can provide it in person or remotely.

I accept payment through the following methods:

I'm happy to negotiate using other methods if needed.

Each service comes with a itemized report and summary of the work I've done for you. Please keep it for reference if you have further queries.


I guarantee the services I supply will be:

If these guarantees aren't met, you are entitled to a fix if the problem is minor and can be fixed. If the fix takes too long, you are entitled to payment for someone else to repair it, or a refund.

If the problem is major or unfixable, you are entitled to a refund or to seek compensation for the difference between the value of the provided services compared to the price paid. In this case, a service has a major problem when the service:

For further information see the ACCC's consumers' rights & obligations page.